Men's Looks & Outfits: What To Wear In 2019

How to wear: navy suit, navy turtleneck, black leather loafers
Navy Turtleneck Navy Suit Black Leather Loafers
Navy Suit Navy Turtleneck Black Leather Loafers

Marrying a navy suit and a navy turtleneck is a guaranteed way to inject a polished touch into your wardrobe. When it comes to footwear, this getup is complemented perfectly with black leather loafers.

How to wear: charcoal suede bomber jacket, white crew-neck t-shirt, tobacco corduroy chinos, dark brown leather casual boots
White Crew-neck T-shirt Charcoal Suede Bomber Jacket Tobacco Corduroy Chinos Black Woven Leather Holdall Dark Brown Leather Casual Boots
Charcoal Suede Bomber Jacket White Crew-neck T-shirt Tobacco Corduroy Chinos Dark Brown Leather Casual Boots Black Woven Leather Holdall

This laid-back combination of a charcoal suede bomber jacket and tobacco corduroy chinos is extremely easy to put together without a second thought, helping you look dapper and prepared for anything without spending a ton of time rummaging through your wardrobe. And if you need to immediately level up your getup with one single item, complement this look with dark brown leather casual boots.