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Men's Looks & Outfits: What To Wear In Spring

How to wear: blue denim shirt jacket, white crew-neck t-shirt, navy linen chinos, tobacco suede loafers
White Crew-neck T-shirt Blue Denim Shirt Jacket Navy Linen Chinos Tobacco Suede Loafers
Blue Denim Shirt Jacket White Crew-neck T-shirt Navy Linen Chinos Tobacco Suede Loafers

This smart pairing of a blue denim shirt jacket and navy linen chinos is extremely easy to put together without a second thought, helping you look amazing and ready for anything without spending too much time combing through your closet. Complete this look with a pair of tobacco suede loafers for a touch of sophistication. An amazing example of transeasonal style, this outfit is a must-have this spring.

How to wear: navy plaid wool blazer, white crew-neck t-shirt, light blue jeans, burgundy leather loafers
White Crew-neck T-shirt White Print Pocket Square Navy Plaid Wool Blazer Blue Cotton Scarf Light Blue Jeans Navy Canvas Tote Bag Beige Socks Burgundy Leather Loafers
Navy Plaid Wool Blazer White Crew-neck T-shirt Light Blue Jeans Burgundy Leather Loafers Navy Canvas Tote Bag White Print Pocket Square

Marrying a navy plaid wool blazer with light blue jeans is a nice choice for a neat and relaxed ensemble. For something more on the sophisticated side to complete your outfit, add a pair of burgundy leather loafers to the equation. As the weather begins to warm up again, it's time to shed those heavy winter gear and opt for something lighter, like this outfit here.

How to wear: dark green field jacket, burgundy crew-neck sweater, light blue jeans, olive suede brogue boots
Burgundy Crew-neck Sweater Dark Green Field Jacket Light Blue Jeans Black Leather Watch Olive Suede Brogue Boots
Dark Green Field Jacket Burgundy Crew-neck Sweater Light Blue Jeans Olive Suede Brogue Boots Black Leather Watch

This off-duty pairing of a dark green field jacket and light blue jeans is very easy to put together without a second thought, helping you look amazing and prepared for anything without spending too much time going through your wardrobe. Serve a little outfit-mixing magic by finishing off with a pair of olive suede brogue boots. If you're after a killer winter-to-spring look, this one fits the task well.