Yellow Crew-neck Sweater

How to Wear a Yellow Crew-neck Sweater For Women

How to wear: yellow print crew-neck sweater, white crew-neck t-shirt, light blue flare jeans, teal suede pumps
Yellow Print Crew-neck Sweater Aquamarine Earrings Aquamarine Necklace White Crew-neck T-shirt Teal Fur Satchel Bag Light Blue Flare Jeans Teal Socks Teal Suede Pumps
Yellow Print Crew-neck Sweater White Crew-neck T-shirt Light Blue Flare Jeans Teal Suede Pumps Teal Fur Satchel Bag Teal Socks

This laid-back pairing of a yellow crew-neck sweater and light blue flare jeans is extremely easy to pull together without a second thought, helping you look chic and ready for anything without spending too much time going through your wardrobe. Why not take a classier approach with shoes and complement this look with teal suede pumps?