Gold Earrings

How to Wear Gold Earrings

How to wear: beige plaid coat, beige sweater dress, burgundy leather ankle boots, burgundy leather crossbody bag
Gold Earrings Beige Plaid Coat Burgundy Leather Crossbody Bag Beige Sweater Dress Black Tights Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots
Beige Plaid Coat Beige Sweater Dress Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots Burgundy Leather Crossbody Bag Gold Earrings Black Tights

This laid-back combination of a beige plaid coat and gold earrings is extremely easy to throw together in no time, helping you look amazing and prepared for anything without spending a ton of time rummaging through your wardrobe. You could perhaps get a bit experimental in the footwear department and complement your outfit with burgundy leather ankle boots.