White Straw Hat

How to Wear a White Straw Hat For Men

How to wear: beige double breasted blazer, light blue dress shirt, beige dress pants, dark brown leather oxford shoes
White Straw Hat Black Sunglasses Light Blue Dress Shirt Navy Polka Dot Tie White and Navy Polka Dot Pocket Square Beige Double Breasted Blazer Beige Dress Pants Beige Leather Tote Bag Light Blue Socks Dark Brown Leather Oxford Shoes
Beige Double Breasted Blazer Light Blue Dress Shirt Beige Dress Pants Dark Brown Leather Oxford Shoes Beige Leather Tote Bag White Straw Hat

Pairing a beige double breasted blazer with a white straw hat is an awesome choice for a casually cool ensemble. You could perhaps get a little creative when it comes to footwear and complement this getup with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes.