Light Violet Dress Shirt

How to Wear a Light Violet Dress Shirt For Men

How to wear: tan corduroy blazer, light violet dress shirt, violet chinos, violet suede low top sneakers
Light Violet Dress Shirt Green Horizontal Striped Tie Tan Corduroy Blazer Dark Brown Leather Watch Dark Brown Leather Belt Light Blue Pocket Square Violet Chinos Violet Suede Low Top Sneakers
Tan Corduroy Blazer Light Violet Dress Shirt Violet Chinos Violet Suede Low Top Sneakers Green Horizontal Striped Tie Light Blue Pocket Square

A light violet dress shirt and violet chinos are among those wear-anywhere-anytime pieces that have become the crucial elements in any guy's closet. And if you wish to instantly tone down your look with one single piece, why not complement your ensemble with a pair of violet suede low top sneakers?