What Necklace To Wear With An Off Shoulder Dress

Off shoulder necklines are everywhere this summer. Seems like each and every fashionista is sporting an off shoulder top or a bardot dress. So how do you stand out? Once again, the answer is accessories! Specifically, necklaces.

As the name suggests, the off shoulder dress bares your neck and shoulders. You can go the minimalist route and avoid any jewelry... Or you can spice up your look with a necklace.

But what necklace goes best with an off shoulder neckline? We've rounded up 8 best types of necklaces you can wear with your off shoulder dress.

Long pendant

A beautiful pendant necklace that descends low on your décolletage is a great match for an off shoulder dress, especially for a chic weekend look. Opt for a tasselled end to add to the bohemian feel or layer a beaded necklace over your dress to create that perfect resort look when you're on vacation.

Women's Black and White Horizontal Striped Off Shoulder Dress, White and Black Polka Dot Leather Pumps, Yellow Pendant
Rock a black and white horizontal striped off shoulder dress for a seriously stylish ensemble that's easy to throw together. Up the ante of your ensemble by rounding off with a pair of white and black polka dot leather pumps.View Details

Small pendant

Delicate necklaces are always in style. If you have a necklace strung with a small pendant that you wear as an everyday signature, rest assured it'll look good with your off shoulder dress too, helping you create an elegant look.

Large necklace

Statement necklaces are a great way to elevate off-duty and vacation outfits. With an off-shoulder dress, choose a chunky necklace that rests on your collarbone or layers over your dress a bit. Choosing a necklace of a complementing color to that of your dress will help create a very put-together look. Alternatively, a bright necklace of a clashing color will contrast beautifully against the dress.

Minimalist collar necklace

For cocktail events, wear your off-the-shoulder dress with an elegant plate necklace that rests neatly on your collarbone.

Pearl necklace

Another way to dress up the off shoulder dress for the evening or smart occasions is to wear pearls, whether it's an iconic one-string classic or a more modern multi-string or tasselled version.

Multi-string necklace

A bright multi-string necklace is a great way to add some personality to the ubiquitous off-the-shoulder silhouette this summer.


An off-the-shoulder dress and a choker necklace are two some of the hottest fashion items these past couple of seasons. Wear them together for an eclectic and incredibly trendy look. The choker necklace will add some edge and balance out the feminine off-shoulder silhouette.

Women's Light Blue Off Shoulder Dress, Dark Brown Leather Mules, Black Suede Choker
Make a light blue off shoulder dress your outfit choice for a modern take on day-to-day wear. Feeling adventerous? Dress up this ensemble by slipping into a pair of dark brown leather mules.View Details


A bandana is such a multi-functional accessory! Wear it around your head as a headband, tie on the top handle of your bag for an added touch of style... or tie it around your neck and wear as a necklace with your off shoulder dress.

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