How To Wear A Summer Hat: 15 Amazing Ways To Style Hats In Summer

Now that summer has set in, it’s time to look for some protection that will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. There’s no better way to achieve that than with a summer hat that adds some extra glam to your outfit. But you don’t want to look the odd one out when sporting a summer hat. To help you out, we’ve got 15 inspirational styling ideas that will make you stand out in a summer hat.

1. Classic Straw Hat with Denim Apron Dress

Straw hats are a staple for summer as they give you that lightweight shading while letting you benefit the most from the cool breeze provided by the ventilated design. This looks even better when paired with a denim apron dress that reaches down the feet.

2. Newsboy Cap with Tight Denim Pants

Get the best protection from the sun with the protruding design of a newsboy cap. This is a hat that will jazz up your look and almost become part of your hair. Try to wear it with your hair long sporting those warm summer highlights. Pair the hat with tight fitting denim pants to add some toughness to your look and finish with white blouse.

3. Cowboy Hat with Thin Strap Dress

Go for a cowboy hat that adds that country feel to your outfit. Settle for one with beautiful prints to create that fun, stylish summery look. Wear it with the 90’s strap dress that reaches just above the knees for that cool and sexy finish. Keep your hair long preferably shoulder-length for a classic chic look.

4. Fedora with Ripped Denim Pants

Fedoras are known to add that cool, demure look to any outfit. It gives you that unisex suave look. You can choose to keep this super versatile hat girl, mod or simple. However, a classic fedora with a bow creates a nice summer touch. Add the tough street style look of ripped denim pants and a white top.

Women's White V-neck T-shirt, Light Blue Floral Jeans, Tan Cutout Leather Ankle Boots, Grey Wool Hat
Look seriously stylish yet off-duty by wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and light blue floral jeans. To bring out a refined side of you, complement this ensemble with a pair of tan cutout leather ankle boots.View Details

5. Boater Hat with Going Out Dress

Get that classic glam of a boater hat, which was a hit in the 19th century movies. This hat has that cute and flirty look that adds a girlish charm to your outfit. It’s a standout hat that everyone will adore. Pair it with a going out dress that’s got a twist to it. Wear with great hair and some makeup. The result is a look that’s more sophisticated and effortless.

6. Bucket Hat with Shirt Dress

The thought of a bucket hat reminds you of the times when your dad would go down fishing. However, those are just out of the topic. Rather, go for the more adorable ones sporting nice patterns and bright summer colors. Wear with a shirt dress that provides a chic and professional look. Tie around the waist with a belt to make it effortless and incredibly summerish.

Women's Olive Dress Shirt, Olive Mini Skirt, Teal Clutch, Olive Cotton Hat
If you're on a mission for a laid-back but also totaly stylish ensemble, opt for an olive dress shirt and an olive mini skirt.View Details

7. Trucker Hat with Oversized Dress

There are times when all you want is just dress down and be comfortable. In such a case, you can settle for the trucker hat that’s great for letting your hair "breathe". This hat provides a tomboyish and sporty look that’s great for that laid back kind of day. Choose one that’s neither too girly nor guy like. Pair with an oversized dress for a casual and sophisticated look perfect for those lazy days.

8. Floppy Hat with Mini Dress

Floppy hats are possibly the epitome of sun hats. The wide brim provides maximum protection from the sun. This hat looks nice for many different occasions, which makes it a versatile summer wear. Pair it with the timeless mini dress that creates a little bit of hotness every now and then. Rocking this mini dress gives you a girly outfit that will make heads turn.

9. Floppy Striped Straw Hat with Floral Summer Dress

Go for the freaking cute style of a floppy summer hat sporting trendy stripes and wide brim for extra sun protection. Wear with a floral dress that creates that perfect definition of summer. Settle for one with beautiful flowers for a laid back feminine look great for the weekends.

10. Cut-Off Straw Hat with White Dress

Get that western vibe in a bead-trimmed straw hat that’s got cut-offs to provide maximum airflow and add some little bit of drama to your look. This hat looks laid back and totally sexy. Give it the perfect match of summer’s most coveted dress - a white dress that looks crisp, fresh and feminine. This is a dress that will go with any footwear of your choice.

11. Tightly Woven Feminine Fedora with Flirty Dress

This tightly-woven straw hat looks great with anything from jeans to maxi dress. Add that fun and turquoise ribbon, preferably one with a sky blue color. Despite the fact that it matches perfectly with any outfit, this hat would look even better when combined with a flirty dress. Go for the chiffon and silky fabric with prints that provide a girly vibe with a twist of hotness.

12. Slouchy Hat with Beach Summer Dress

Borrow a little from the boys by settling for a more distressed and slouchy summer hat. This hat looks great for the summer and it’s of a good size to toss into your suitcase. Make it stand out by pairing with summer’s choice beach dress. Choose one with wild colors and make sure it comes short. You can settle for thin straps or cutouts to drive your admirers crazy.

13. Straw Cowboy Hat with Jean Pants

Go for the timeless look of a straw cowboy hat that gives you that sexy 19th century look. Wear with dark slim fit jean pants that have a uniform wash. This outfit looks even cooler when paired with some high heels.

14. Panama Hat with Leggings

Settle for the decorative look of a panama hat. Choose one that fits wide and you can add a hot pink ribbon for extra pop of color. Pair with some leggings that provide that body-conscious look. Pair with a jacket so that you don’t show every inch of your shape.

15. Frayed Straw Hat with Crochet Bikini

Go for a frayed sisal hat that creates some rustle in the breeze. This is a hat that provides maximum coverage for improved protection from the sun. It’s a statement hat that looks cool when paired with simple swimwear. And when talking about simple swimwear, nothing beats the sexy look of a crochet bikini.

Wearing a summer hat is a perfect way of beating the summer heat while adding that fashionable touch to your outfit. All the above mentioned ideas will make you look your best. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which one you choose since at the end of the day you get a look that is super chic and absolutely cool.


Marianna Draws is a fashion and lifestyle blogger writing for a hairstyle blog, NEWAYLOOK. She's passionate about living it up with reading, interior design and active lifestyle, and being outdoors as much as possible.

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