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10 Ways To Style An Oversized Coat

Oversized shapes can be tricky and a bit intimidating at first. Learn how to master the latest trend in coats like a pro.

Belt It Up

Perhaps the most approachable version of this trend is the one that comes with the help of the always useful belt. It will create a silhouette based on the thinnest part of your upper body, the waist.

How to wear: grey horizontal striped coat, black turtleneck, black leather skinny pants, gold leather ballerina shoes
Grey Horizontal Striped CoatBlack TurtleneckBlack Leather Skinny PantsGold Leather Ballerina ShoesBlack Leather ClutchGold Waist BeltBlack Sunglasses

For a look that's super straightforward but can be styled in a variety of different ways, choose a grey horizontal striped coat and black leather skinny pants. When it comes to shoes, go for something on the casual end of the spectrum and round off this look with a pair of gold leather ballerina shoes.

How to wear: tan trenchcoat, black suede ankle boots, black wool tights
Tan TrenchcoatBlack Suede Ankle BootsBlack Wool Tights

Reach for a tan trenchcoat for a neat sophisticated getup. If you're on the fence about how to finish off, add a pair of black suede ankle boots to the equation.

How to wear: pink trenchcoat, grey leather pumps
Pink TrenchcoatGrey Leather Pumps

Make a pink trenchcoat your outfit choice and you'll assemble a proper and polished ensemble. Let your sartorial prowess truly shine by finishing this ensemble with grey leather pumps.

Keep It Simple

By wearing wardrobe basics or neutral tones you can manage to sport an edgy trend and still look sleek.

How to wear: camel coat, black turtleneck, black skinny pants, black leather double monks
Camel CoatBlack TurtleneckBlack Skinny PantsBlack Leather Double Monks

A camel coat and black skinny pants combined together are such a dreamy combo for fashionistas who love classic and chic combos. The whole look comes together perfectly when you introduce black leather double monks to the mix.

How to wear: pink coat, white crew-neck t-shirt, grey skinny jeans, black leather pumps
Pink CoatWhite Crew-neck T-shirtGrey Skinny JeansBlack Leather Pumps

If you enjoy comfortable style, wear a pink coat with grey skinny jeans. Let your expert styling really shine by rounding off your outfit with a pair of black leather pumps.

How to wear: pink coat, white oversized sweater, black chinos, black athletic shoes
Pink CoatWhite Oversized SweaterBlack ChinosBlack Athletic ShoesBlack Quilted Leather Satchel Bag

This combo of a pink coat and black chinos is a nice ensemble for when it's time to go casual. Black athletic shoes are guaranteed to add an element of stylish effortlessness to this ensemble.

Add Some Femininity

They say opposites attract. The contrasting combination of an oversized coat with a feminine dress or skirt is the perfect fashionable juxtaposition for this season.

How to wear: grey fluffy coat, white fluffy crew-neck sweater, black leather mini skirt, black leather ankle boots
Grey Fluffy CoatWhite Fluffy Crew-neck SweaterBlack Leather Mini SkirtBlack Leather Ankle BootsGrey Leather Clutch

A grey fluffy coat and a black leather mini skirt are a great pairing that will effortlessly take you throughout the day and into the night. Complete your getup with black leather ankle boots to easily ramp up the oomph factor of any outfit.

How to wear: pink coat, tan shift dress, silver leather pumps, black leather satchel bag
Pink CoatTan Shift DressSilver Leather PumpsBlack Leather Satchel Bag

Go for a pink coat and a tan shift dress to pull together an absolutely chic and modern-looking outfit. Introduce silver leather pumps to the mix and ta-da: your look is complete.


The oversized trend comes straight from menswear inspiration so, naturally, you can finish the look with some boyfriend jeans.

How to wear: grey coat, grey embroidered crew-neck sweater, light blue ripped boyfriend jeans, black leather pumps
Grey CoatGrey Embroidered Crew-neck SweaterLight Blue Ripped Boyfriend JeansBlack Leather PumpsBurgundy Leather Clutch

You'll be surprised at how super easy it is to throw together this relaxed casual outfit. Just a grey coat and light blue ripped boyfriend jeans. You can get a bit experimental in the shoe department and introduce a pair of black leather pumps to the equation.

How to wear: red coat, red crew-neck sweater, blue boyfriend jeans, dark brown suede pumps
Red CoatRed Crew-neck SweaterBlue Boyfriend JeansDark Brown Suede PumpsMulti colored Fur Crossbody Bag

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to pull together this casual outfit. Just a red coat and blue boyfriend jeans. A pair of dark brown suede pumps instantly turns up the glamour factor of your look.

How to wear: grey coat, light blue knit oversized sweater, white dress shirt, blue ripped boyfriend jeans
Grey CoatLight Blue Knit Oversized SweaterWhite Dress ShirtBlue Ripped Boyfriend JeansBlack Leather Ankle BootsBlack Leather Crossbody BagGold Watch

Infuse a laid-back touch into your day-to-day outfit choices with a grey coat and blue ripped boyfriend jeans. Black leather ankle boots will instantly spruce up even the most basic ensemble.


Take the oversize trend to the next level by pairing a large coat with wide leg pants. The surprisingly sophisticated result will make you stand out from the crowd while looking trendy and elegant at the same time.

How to wear: beige plaid coat, beige crew-neck sweater, beige wide leg pants, white leather pumps
Beige Plaid CoatBeige Crew-neck SweaterBeige Wide Leg PantsWhite Leather Pumps

For an outfit that's pared-down but can be smartened up or dressed down in a ton of different ways, team a beige plaid coat with beige wide leg pants. Our favorite of a variety of ways to round off this look is with a pair of white leather pumps.

How to wear: black coat, grey open cardigan, black crew-neck sweater, charcoal wide leg pants
Black CoatGrey Open CardiganBlack Crew-neck SweaterCharcoal Wide Leg PantsBlack Suede Ankle Boots

A smart casual pairing of a black coat and charcoal wide leg pants is fitting in a great deal of circumstances. Complement this ensemble with a pair of black suede ankle boots and ta-da: the outfit is complete.

Pop Of Color

Although camel and grey are the most popular colors for an oversized coat, several fashionistas are opting for pastel shades or even bright tones to make a statement.

How to wear: red fluffy coat, beige embellished crew-neck sweater, blue skinny jeans, beige leather pumps
Red Fluffy CoatBeige Embellished Crew-neck SweaterBlue Skinny JeansBeige Leather PumpsTan Leather Clutch

Why not consider pairing a red fluffy coat with blue skinny jeans? Both items are totally comfortable and look cool when paired together. Beige leather pumps integrate really well within a multitude of combos.

How to wear: pink coat, white and black horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt, blue boyfriend jeans, black suede pumps
Pink CoatWhite and Black Horizontal Striped Crew-neck T-shirtBlue Boyfriend JeansBlack Suede PumpsBlack Leather Crossbody BagBlack Sunglasses

This combination of a pink coat and blue boyfriend jeans is the perfect base for an endless number of looks. Black suede pumps will immediately polish off even the most basic look.

Add A Touch Of Rock ’N Roll

Black leather leggings or pants add just the right dose of edginess to rock this winter trend!

How to wear: charcoal coat, black leather leggings, tan leopard suede ankle boots, black leather tote bag
Charcoal CoatBlack Leather LeggingsTan Leopard Suede Ankle BootsBlack Leather Tote Bag

Why not try pairing a charcoal coat with black leather leggings? These two items are very comfy and will look good matched together. Puzzled as to how to finish? Add tan leopard suede ankle boots to the mix to boost the glam factor.

How to wear: grey coat, burgundy knit turtleneck, black leather leggings, black suede pumps
Grey CoatBurgundy Knit TurtleneckBlack Leather LeggingsBlack Suede PumpsBlack Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag

Go for a simple but neat and relaxed look in a grey coat and black leather leggings. You can take a dressier approach with shoes and add a pair of black suede pumps to this getup.

Office Appropriate

This trend is 100% office appropriate as a long piece of clothing tends to look more conservative. Yet, the volume of this kind of coats offers a modern twist to a classic long winter coat.

How to wear: white fluffy coat, black cowl-neck sweater, white a-line skirt, black suede ankle boots
White Fluffy CoatBlack Cowl-neck SweaterWhite A-Line SkirtBlack Suede Ankle BootsBlack Leather Duffle BagBlack Socks

As you can see, looking refined doesn't require that much effort. Just pair a white fluffy coat with a white a-line skirt and you'll look incredibly stylish. Black suede ankle boots will pull your full outfit together.

How to wear: grey coat, white cable sweater, black dress pants, black suede pumps
Grey CoatWhite Cable SweaterBlack Dress PantsBlack Suede Pumps

Such must-haves as a grey coat and black dress pants are an easy way to inject some refinement into your daily off-duty repertoire. Add a pair of black suede pumps to your outfit and you're all done and looking gorgeous.

Play With Volumes

Joining the oversized trend doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your silhouette. Balance the oversized shape of a coat with a pencil skirt to show your curves.

How to wear: beige coat, white cropped top, mint pencil skirt, pink suede pumps
Beige CoatWhite Cropped TopMint Pencil SkirtPink Suede Pumps

A smart casual combination of a beige coat and a mint pencil skirt is relevant in a ton of settings. Complete this look with a pair of pink suede pumps et voila, the getup is complete.

How to wear: camel coat, white cropped top, white pencil skirt, white leather pumps
Camel CoatWhite Cropped TopWhite Pencil SkirtWhite Leather Pumps

A camel coat and a white pencil skirt are the kind of a no-brainer getup that you so desperately need when you have no extra time. On the shoe front, this ensemble pairs wonderfully with white leather pumps.

How to wear: grey coat, grey sweatshirt, black and white print pencil skirt, black suede ankle boots
Grey CoatGrey SweatshirtBlack and White Print Pencil SkirtBlack Suede Ankle BootsViolet Leather Satchel Bag

For a semi-casual outfit, rock a grey coat with a black and white print pencil skirt — these pieces play pretty good together. Now all you need is a pair of black suede ankle boots to complement your outfit.


Put your sneakers on and score two major 2015/2016 trends in one single outfit!

How to wear: camel coat, black chinos, navy and white athletic shoes, black quilted leather crossbody bag
Camel CoatBlack ChinosNavy and White Athletic ShoesBlack Quilted Leather Crossbody BagBlack Sunglasses

If you're scouting for a laid-back and at the same time incredibly chic look, rock a camel coat with black chinos. Spice up this outfit by finishing with a pair of navy and white athletic shoes.

How to wear: camel coat, white cable sweater, grey dress pants, white leather low top sneakers
Camel CoatWhite Cable SweaterGrey Dress PantsWhite Leather Low Top Sneakers

Putting together a camel coat with grey dress pants is a savvy choice for a smart and sophisticated outfit. Infuse an air of stylish casualness into this outfit by sporting white leather low top sneakers.

How to wear: charcoal coat, black overalls, purple low top sneakers, black leather crossbody bag
Charcoal CoatBlack OverallsPurple Low Top SneakersBlack Leather Crossbody BagDark Brown Sunglasses

For a look that provides practicality and chicness, team a charcoal coat with black overalls. Finishing with purple low top sneakers is a guaranteed way to infuse a playful touch into this outfit.


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