40weft Bermudas


Orange Shorts by 40weft

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If you’re a jeans-and-a-tee kind of gal, you'll like the simple combo of top and orange shorts. Grab a pair of leather sandals to loosen things up.

Dress in a t-shirt and 40weft Bermudas for a comfy-casual look. Bring playfulness to your outfit with leather footwear.

If you love staying-in clothes which are stylish enough to wear out, you should consider this combination of white top and 40weft Bermudas. Throw in a pair of footwear for a more relaxed vibe.

Consider wearing a white blouse and 40weft Bermudas for a Sunday lunch with friends. Sandals will deliver more playfulness to your ensemble.

Consider teaming a blazer jacket with orange shorts for a comfortable outfit that's also put together nicely. You could perhaps get a little creative when it comes to footwear and lift up your ensemble with leather heeled sandals.

If you want to look cool and remain cosy, dress in a monochrome horizontal striped t-shirt and orange shorts. Bring instant glamour to your ensemble with heeled sandals.

Something as simple as opting for a white t-shirt and 40weft Bermudas can potentially set you apart from the crowd. A pair of black leather sandals ads edginess to a femme classic.

This combination of a blouse and orange shorts is super easy to copy and so comfortable to sport as well! Dress down your look with black sandals.

A white and black t-shirt and 40weft Bermudas is a good combo to add to your casual lineup. Take a classic approach with the footwear and go for a pair of beige sheer heeled sandals.

A striped t-shirt and orange shorts are a perfect combination to be utilised at the weekend. Polish off the ensemble with black leather heeled sandals.

Choose a navy blue polka dot button-up shirt and orange shorts to bring out the stylish in you. A pair of silver leather heeled sandals will integrate smoothly within a variety of combos.

This combo of a hunter green silk button-up shirt and 40weft Bermudas embodies comfort without compromising style. Look at how well this ensemble is complemented with dark brown cutout leather ankle boots.

Make a button shirt and 40weft Bermudas your outfit choice for a comfortable outfit that's also put together nicely. A pair of blue leather wedge pumps brings the dressed-down touch to the look.

If you're hunting for a casual yet absolutely chic ensemble, pair a white long sleeve blouse with 40weft Bermudas. Both pieces are totally comfy and will look fabulous paired together. Bring playfulness to your ensemble with black leather knee high gladiator sandals.

A violet blazer and orange shorts is a good combination to add to your styling repertoire. Make gold leather thong sandals your footwear choice to make the getup current.