How to wear a hat?

What can I wear with a hat?

What shoes to wear with a hat?

If these questions ever occurred to you, scroll through to learn the answers in our easy and detailed guide.

  1. What To Wear With a Hat
    1. Casual
    2. Smart Casual
    3. Dressy
  2. What Shoes To Wear With a Hat
    1. Casual
    2. Smart Casual
    3. Dressy
  3. What Color Hat To Wear
    1. Black
    2. Beige
    3. White
    4. Grey
    5. Burgundy
  4. What Pattern Hat To Wear
    1. Horizontal Striped
    2. Leopard
    3. Knit
  5. What Material Hat To Wear
    1. Cotton
    2. Wool
    3. Straw

What To Wear With a Hat

1. Casual:

2. Smart Casual:

3. Dressy:

What Shoes To Wear With a Hat

1. Casual:

2. Smart Casual:

3. Dressy:

What Color Hat To Wear

Black 1. Black

Beige 2. Beige

White 3. White

Grey 4. Grey

Burgundy 5. Burgundy

How To Wear a Black Hat


2. Go for a dark red print crew-neck tee and black leather shorts to bring out the stylish in you. Elevate your getup with black leather lace-up ankle boots.

3. Go for a sophisticated look in a white tulle party dress. Mix things up by wearing black leather lace-up flat boots.

How To Wear a Beige Hat

1. Wear a grey crew-neck pullover and nude chinos for a casual-cool vibe. Tan leather wedge pumps will bring a classic aesthetic to the ensemble.

2. Consider teaming a nude crew-neck jumper with a beige pleated chiffon maxi skirt for a standout ensemble. Why not introduce tan suede pumps to the mix for an added touch of style?

3. Rock a red lace fit and flare dress and you'll look like a total babe. Beige thong sandals are the right shoes here to get you noticed.

How To Wear a White Hat

1. This combo of a green short sleeve blouse and black leather slim jeans will attract attention for all the right reasons. Add black and gold suede pumps to your look for an instant style upgrade.

2. Stay stylish on busy days in a white vest and a grey oversized sweater. Round off this look with black studded leather lace-up flat boots.

3. Consider teaming a cognac long sleeve t-shirt with orange print shorts to effortlessly deal with whatever this day throws at you. For footwear go down the casual route with black leather thong sandals.

How To Wear a Grey Hat

1. Nail glam in a grey cardigan and a rose pink maxi dress. Polish off the ensemble with grey suede ankle boots.

2. A white knit short sleeve blouse and grey skinny jeans are great staples that will integrate perfectly within your current looks. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Rock a pair of grey slip-on sneakers for the day.

3. This combo of a blue studded denim vest and a dark grey pleated maxi skirt gives off a very casual and approachable vibe.

How To Wear a Burgundy Hat

1. A nicely put together combination of a white and black print tunic and black leggings will set you apart effortlessly. Camel suede lace-up ankle boots will add a touch of polish to an otherwise low-key look.

2. To create an outfit for lunch with friends at the weekend go for an olive green parka and a black floral fit and flare dress. Grab a pair of black suede lace-up ankle boots to instantly up the chic factor of any outfit.

3. Go for a white and black horizontal striped casual dress for an unexpectedly cool ensemble.

What Pattern Hat To Wear

Horizontal Striped 1. Horizontal Striped

Leopard 2. Leopard

Knit 3. Knit

How To Wear a Horizontal Striped Hat

1. A monochrome striped cropped sweater and a rose pink full skirt feel perfectly suited for weekend activities of all kinds. Elevate your getup with neon pink suede pumps.

2. Reach for a white maxi dress for both chic and easy-to-wear look.

How To Wear a Leopard Hat

1. A beige print crew-neck pullover and blue slim jeans is a savvy combination to carry you throughout the day.

2. Let everyone know that you know a thing or two about style in a navy poncho and dark brown skinny jeans. Why not introduce tan suede ankle boots to the mix for an added touch of style?

How To Wear a Knit Hat

1. Go for a sophisticated look in a red fur collar coat and a black rollneck. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Rock a pair of black leather knee high boots for the day.

What Material Hat To Wear

Cotton 1. Cotton

Wool 2. Wool

Straw 3. Straw

How To Wear a Cotton Hat

1. An army green button-front shirt and an army green mini skirt is a smart combination worth integrating into your wardrobe.

How To Wear a Wool Hat

1. A red coat and a white and black houndstooth sheath dress couldn't possibly come across as other than strikingly elegant. A pair of black leather pumps will seamlessly integrate within a variety of outfits.

2. A brown leather bomber and a white crochet casual dress are your go-to outfit for lazy days. Add brown suede booties to your look for an instant style upgrade.

3. A black crew-neck jumper and black leather leggings will convey a carefree, cool-girl vibe. Black suede thigh high boots will instantly smarten up even the laziest of looks.

How To Wear a Straw Hat

1. Pair a white and blue striped button-up shirt with navy fitted pants and you'll be the picture of elegance. Dark purple leather pumps are a great choice to complete the look.


3. Consider wearing a white oxford shirt and navy distressed denim shorts for a comfortable outfit that's also put together nicely. For the maximum chicness choose a pair of white and black leopard suede pumps.