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Karlie Kloss Style & Looks

Want to dress like Karlie Kloss? See Karlie Kloss's best outfits and get her signature style.

Karlie Kloss wearing Navy Print Crew-neck T-shirt, White Pleated Midi Skirt, White Lace Flat Sandals, Black Leather Satchel Bag
This combination of a navy print crew-neck t-shirt and a white pleated midi skirt is super easy to create and so comfortable to sport all day long as well! A pair of white lace flat sandals ads edginess to a femme classic. If you're scouting for a summer-ready outfit to prove you're the bomb, this is it. View Details
Karlie Kloss wearing White Blazer, Black Cropped Top, White Skinny Pants, Black Leather Flat Sandals
If you're on the lookout for a casual yet chic ensemble, make a white blazer jacket and white skinny pants your outfit choice. Both garments are totally comfy and will look fabulous together. Take your outfit into a sportier direction with black leather flat sandals. If you're on a mission for a summer-appropriate ensemble to prove you're the bomb, this just might be it. View Details
Karlie Kloss wearing Black Crew-neck Sweater, Red Bodycon Dress, White Canvas High Top Sneakers, Black Leather Crossbody Bag
A nicely put together combination of a black crew-neck pullover and a red bodycon dress will set you apart effortlessly. Break up your getup with more casual footwear, like this pair of white canvas high top sneakers. Loving this one, especially for the spring season. View Details
Karlie Kloss wearing Black Cape Coat, Beige Long Sleeve T-shirt, Black Leather Skinny Pants, Black Leather Ballerina Shoes
This smart casual combination of a black cape coat and black leather slim pants takes on different moods. Break up your getup with more casual footwear, such as this pair of black leather ballerina shoes. You can bet this combination will be your favorite thing come cooler weather. View Details
Karlie Kloss wearing Black Leather Biker Jacket, Grey Turtleneck, Light Blue Skinny Jeans, Black Leather Ballerina Shoes
A black leather moto jacket and light blue slim jeans will showcase your sartorial self. When it comes to footwear, this outfit pairs wonderfully with black leather ballerina flats. This combo is super comfortable and will help you out in awkward transition weather. View Details