Tonal Admiral Style Blazer

Tonal Admiral Style Blazer

Burgundy Blazer

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A burgundy jacket and pants is a savvy combo to add to your casual lineup. Opt for a pair of leather footwear for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Reach for a burgundy jacket and bottom for a casual-cool vibe. Got bored with this getup? Enter leather pumps to jazz things up.

If you're a fan of classic pairings, then you'll like this combination of a burgundy jacket and skinny jeans. For a more relaxed take, go for a pair of footwear.

A burgundy jacket and jeans feel perfectly suited for weekend activities of all kinds. Black leather footwear are the right shoes here to get you noticed.

Go for Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and dark red dress pants to show off your styling smarts. Dress down your getup with black footwear.

This combo of Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and white tapered pants is perfect for off-duty occasions. Round off this getup with black leather pumps.

Master the effortlessly chic look in Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and black skinny jeans. Let's make a bit more effort now and choose a pair of black pumps.

Choose Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and slim pants for a Sunday lunch with friends. A pair of pumps fits right in here.

If you’re a jeans-and-a-tee kind of gal, you'll like the simple pairing of Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and black pants. A pair of suede footwear will be a welcome addition to your ensemble.

A burgundy jacket and black bottom are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. Dress down this getup with black leather boots.

Rock Tonal Admiral Style Blazer with blue skinny jeans to prove you've got serious styling prowess. Throw in a pair of leather loafers to va-va-voom your outfit.

Step up your off-duty look in a burgundy jacket and dress pants. Mix things up by wearing black suede footwear.

For an outfit that provides comfort and style, wear a burgundy jacket and tapered pants. Boots will add some edge to an otherwise classic outfit.

Make a burgundy jacket and black jeans your outfit choice for both chic and easy-to-wear look. Up the cool of your ensemble by completing it with monochrome leather loafers.

Reach for Tonal Admiral Style Blazer and burgundy pants to be both cool and relaxed. Got bored with this ensemble? Enter black suede heeled sandals to spice things up.