How To Wear: The Leather Jacket

Do I need a leather jacket? How do I pull off a leather jacket? Can I wear a leather jacket to work? All your questions answered.

Buying a leather jacket is not an easy decision. It's a serious step in a man's sartorial life.

First, there's a question of money. A leather jacket is a pretty expensive buy. But it's certainly an investment: a fine quality leather jacket will last for decades. So considering the longevity of a good leather jacket, it's definitely worth the splurge.

Another thing that may be stopping you from adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe is the fear for not pulling it off. You do need to have an attitude to wear the leather jacket, but half of it comes from the jacket itself. A leather jacket exudes confidence, masculinity and sex appeal.

Finally, if you're not sure whether you'll wear your leather jacket often, consider how versatile the leather jacket is. It completes almost any style perfectly, bringing endless options to your wardrobe.

The Laid-Back Leather Jacket

A leather jacket can make even the laziest of outfits look cool. There's nothing noteworthy about a guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But add a leather jacket to the mix and it instantly ups the cool factor of the look.

The Smart Casual Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is your go-to outerwear choice if you're looking to refresh your casual style. A leather jacket will toughen up and integrate seamlessly into a smart casual outfit. Pair it with a long sleeve shirt and jeans or chinos and you can get away with it on a casual Friday in the office.

The Dressy Leather Jacket

Throw on a leather jacket if you're going for a formal style that also shows off your sartorial savvy. Worn with a suit or dress pants, a leather jacket will spice things up and strike a balance between classic and edge.

The Functional Leather Jacket

You will find a new appreciation for the leather jacket when the temperature drops. A perfect layering piece, it can be worn in spring, fall and mild winter. The layering possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

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