How To Wear Hats: What Hat To Wear With Your Coat

What hat to wear with a peacoat?

The militaristic style of the peacoat calls for a simple, functional hat style. The beanie is a perfect candidate.

What hat to wear with a trench coat?

The trenchcoat is a classic outerwear piece. A fedora will complete your fall look nicely and help you create a classy, retro-inspired style.

If you're going for a more sporty style (or just hate fedoras passionately), a beanie is a great headwear choice to wear with a trench coat in fall.

What hat to wear with an overcoat?

When choosing a hat to go with your overcoat, you practically can't go wrong. Depending on your style and preference, a beanie, a fedora, and a flat cap will all be great choices.

The overcoat and brimmed hat combination creates a classy, sophisticated vibe.

The flat cap is in a class of its own. If you want a hat with personality that will help you to stand out, wear your overcoat with a flat cap.

The beanie is perhaps the most practical hat to wear with an overcoat in winter. It's both stylish and comfortable. A beanie will complement your overcoat to create a not-too-dressy, casual look.

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