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Fashion For Men Over 40: How To Dress In Your 40s

Most men in their 40s feel the need to edit their personal style. And it's normal - our style changes with every new stage in our lives.

So you've outgrown your current style but you're not sure how to adapt your look to this new decade of your life. Indeed, it's hard to figure out what's appropriate to wear for a 40 year-old and what's not when the models you see in menswear ads and fashion magazines are mostly in their twenties. You don't see many men in their 40s and beyond, so there is very little inspiration for gentlemen over 40 who want to dress with style, but also according to their age.

In this style guide for men over 40, we'll try to give you some advice on how to dress in your forties.

What To Wear In Your 40s

Tailored suits

Sure, not everyone can afford (or wants to spend a fortune on) a bespoke suit from Savile Row, but we do recommend seeking the services of a good tailor to alter your clothes so that everything fits you like a glove. A good fit is one of the most important things when it comes to menswear, and even more so when you're in your 40s.

Classic wool overcoats

A properly fitting single or double breasted wool overcoat is a timeless style and your go-to outerwear once you start growing into your 40s and beyond. Indeed, what else can be worn by a 40-something professional over a suit? A classic wool overcoat is clearly the most befitting option.

Men's Grey Herringbone Overcoat, Grey Double Breasted Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Grey Wool Dress Pants
Marry a grey herringbone overcoat with grey wool dress pants for a sharp classy look. Dark brown leather brogues will contrast beautifully against the rest of the look. When it comes to dressing for unpredictable fall weather, nothing beats a cool outfit that transitions easily between seasons.View Details

Trench coats

Trench coats are timeless and can be worn at any age. If you want to update the camel trench you had in your thirties, why not go for olive green or navy?

Dermot O'Leary wearing Black Trenchcoat, Beige Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Burgundy Leather Loafers
No matter where you go over the course of the evening, you'll be stylishly prepared in a black trench and black trousers. If you don't want to go all out formal, go for a pair of dark red leather loafers. So when summer is done and fall is setting in, this outfit is likely to become your favorite.View Details


What we love about turtlenecks is that they are casual enough for a night out, but also elegant enough for more formal looks. What we love about turtlenecks on men in their forties is that they are retro-inspired and classic enough for a seasoned, matured gentleman, but also modern enough to create a stylish look.


Waistcoats are classic. They are also great for any men storing some extra pounds in their belly. If that's the case for you, consider a waistcoat. Take inspiration from these gents in their 40s and see how they incorporate the vest in their outfits.

Men's Navy Blazer, Tan Waistcoat, White Long Sleeve Shirt, Dark Purple Velvet Jeans
For a smart casual outfit, try teaming a navy suit jacket with dark purple velvet jeans — these items work nicely together. Finish off with navy blue leather brogues and off you go looking dashing. If you feel uninspired by your transitional weather fashion options, this ensemble just might be the inspiration you are looking for.View Details
Patrick Dempsey wearing Navy Wool Blazer, Navy Wool Waistcoat, Black and White Gingham Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy Jeans
This combo of a deep blue wool suit jacket and dark blue jeans is very easy to pull together without a second thought, helping you look on-trend and ready for anything without spending a ton of time digging through your closet. Black leather low top sneakers will give your look an on-trend feel. Seeing as autumn is fast approaching, this getup appears a good choice for in between seasons.View Details


Many men fear that jeans are no longer acceptable once you hit 40. That's absolutely not true. You can still wear jeans in your 40s. Just go for straight leg rather than slim fit and avoid distressed denim, stonewash rinses and bootcuts.

Men's Olive Wool Blazer, Charcoal Crew-neck Sweater, Blue Jeans, Dark Green Suede Derby Shoes
Consider teaming an olive green wool blazer with blue jeans if you're going for a neat, stylish look. Turn your sartorial beast mode on and choose a pair of dark green suede derby shoes. Keep this combination in your head when spring comes, and we promise you'll save time trying to pick out a look on more than one morning.View Details


T-shirts are a basic element in any wardrobe, there's no reason to stop wearing them in your 40s. However, keep things simple. Avoid bold prints and bright colors and opt for a minimal design. If you're going for a t-shirt and jeans combo, get the footwear right. Instead of sneakers, go for a smarter alternative - loafers, drivers, boat shoes or brogues, to get your outfit on the smart casual side.


While it's better to steer clear of bright colors on your basics, you can use accessories (ties, pocket squares, socks) to add individuality and a pop of color to your look.

More accessories

Invest in a high-end watch, one that you can some day pass down to your kid.

Buy quality leather gloves. They will keep your hands warm and are a great finish touch to a classic outfit for a man over 40.

When the temperature drops, wear a nice cashmere scarf, and leave snoods and oversized ribbed scarves to the twenty year-olds.


Sliding into your forties and beyond doesn't mean you should avoid color and settle on dark, 'boring' hues. Consider deep classic colors, such as forest green, burgundy or camel. A blazer jacket in oxblood rather than traditional navy can make all the difference to the look and give it a stylish spin.

Rainer Andreesen wearing Purple Suit, White Dress Shirt, Navy Leather Loafers, Navy Print Silk Tie
Make a purple suit and a white oxford shirt your outfit choice for a classic and refined silhouette. To break out of the mold a little, opt for a pair of navy blue leather loafers. The comfort and simplicity of this getup takes care of the heat and helps you make a sartorial statement wherever you go.View Details
Dermot O'Leary wearing Dark Green Overcoat, Light Blue Dress Shirt, Black Chinos, Black Leather Oxford Shoes
For a look that's nothing less than incredibly stylish, try pairing a dark green overcoat with black chinos. Turn your sartorial beast mode on and opt for a pair of black leather oxford shoes. With springtime in the air, it's time to sport simple and dapper ensembles, just like this one.View Details

Quality / luxury pieces

Forties is the time to start treating yourself. Treat yourself to top-quality pieces even if it means you'll buy less frequently. Remember, if something costs more, most often it's for a reason. And most often that reason is better quality. That's why they are called investment pieces - these clothes are better quality, they fit better and they are going to last longer.

Clothes To Wear With Caution If You're Over 40


When you're in your 40s, wear your hoodies, track pants and running shoes when they should be worn, i.e. when you're actually doing sports or working out. And if you're really into the athleisure trend, limit yourself to incorporating a nice pair of sneakers in navy, dark green or burgundy into your downtime outfit.

Leather jackets, bombers and parkas

Such outerwear styles as leather jackets, bombers and parkas do exude a younger vibe. Some celebrities over 40 arguably pull them off. That said, celebrities are the ones who tend to cling to youth with a tighter grip than most of us.

David Beckham wearing Black Bomber Jacket, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Jeans, Tan Suede Desert Boots
If you're on the hunt for a casual yet on-trend getup, try pairing a black bomber jacket with black jeans. Both items are totally comfortable and will look great together. Complete this getup with tan suede desert boots. With the departure of snow comes a sense of spring renewal and the need for a fresh outfit just like this one.View Details


While prints are surely still acceptable to wear when you're in your 40s, stick to small patterns on your accessories rather than statement prints or, God forbid, profanities on your basics.

What Not To Wear After 40

Say goodbye to novelty ties, baseball caps, flip flops, Speedos and anything ill-fitting (skinny or baggy). Apart from that, forties is a good time to revisit your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes you don't need (if you haven't worn something for a few years, believe us, you won't wear it).

In Conclusion

Dressing with style in your 40s can actually be easier than in your 20s or 30s. You probably have more money now than when you were younger, so you have more choice in what to buy. As a 40 year-old, you have more experience - you know more about fabrics, quality and the fit of clothing. Finally, now that you're older, you're more comfortable in your own skin and more confident, and that's the key to dressing well at any age!

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