A Modern Man’s Guide To Wearing Cowboy Boots

Do you enjoy the Western aesthetic but don't know how to incorporate it into your daily style? Here are a few ideas for what you can wear with a pair of cowboy boots to nail the modern man's country look.

Cowboy Boots With A T-Shirt & Jeans

The easiest way to style cowboy boots in a casual outfit is to pair them with a t-shirt and denim. This combo looks effortless yet still makes you stand out in a good way.

Cowboy Boots With A Plaid Shirt

Plaid check is another common element of the country look. So a plaid shirt looks quite in sync with a pair of cowboy boots. For a more modern and more laid-back take though, throw on a plaid shirt jacket or a flannel shirt over your tee, jeans and cowboy boots combo.

Cowboy Boots With A Denim Shirt

Another good way to wear cowboy boots for casual Americana vibes is to pair them with a denim shirt or jacket. If you want to go full prairie in double denim, opt for the top and bottom in different colors.

Cowboy Boots With Skinny Jeans

Younger guys’ approach to cowboy boots is to pair them with skinny-fit jeans. Take cues, for instance, from Harry Styles’ combinations of Saint Laurent cowboy boots and skinny jeans.

Men's Brown Suede Harrington Jacket, White and Black Horizontal Striped Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Skinny Jeans, Tobacco Suede Cowboy Boots
This off-duty combination of a brown suede harrington jacket and black skinny jeans is very easy to pull together in no time flat, helping you look on-trend and ready for anything without spending too much time digging through your closet. Tobacco suede cowboy boots are a simple way to inject a sense of stylish effortlessness into your ensemble.View Details

Cowboy Boots With A Blazer Or A Suit

You can recreate one of the signature cowboy looks by wearing your Western boots with a button-up shirt, a pair of jeans and a blazer jacket. Want to dress it all the way up? Try pairing cowboy-inspired ankle boots with a suit.

More Outfits With Cowboy Boots

How To Wear High Cowboy Boots

Western-inspired ankle boots are the lite, more wearable version of traditional cowboy boots that are distinguished by at least mid-calf height, a slightly angled heel, no lacing and decorative embroidery.

High cowboy boots are certainly harder to pull off without going full-on country. If you’re asking yourself whether you can pull off cowboy boots in the city or not, you probably shouldn’t try and save them for a country bar or a day at the ranch. If you have the required confidence and swagger though, the on-trend way to wear traditional cowboy boots in the city is by tugging loose-fit jeans into them and pairing with a t-shirt or a pullover and a jacket for effortlessly casual Americana style.

Lil Nas X Wearing High Cowboy Boots

The “Old Town Road” singer looks good in a head-to-toe country look wearing a cowboy hat, a western shirt, jeans and naturally finishing off with a pair of cowboy boots.

Lil Nas X wearing Beige Knit Turtleneck, Tobacco Leather Chinos, Black and White Leather Cowboy Boots
A beige knit turtleneck and tobacco leather chinos are worth being on your list of essential casual pieces. Get a little creative on the shoe front and dress down your ensemble with black and white leather cowboy boots.View Details

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