Men's Brown Trenchcoat, Navy Check Wool Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Grey Dress Pants

Men's Brown Trenchcoat, Navy Check Wool Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Grey Dress Pants

A brown trenchcoat and grey dress pants are a sophisticated combination that every modern guy should have in his arsenal. For a more relaxed twist, why not complete your ensemble with burgundy leather monks?

Brown Trenchcoat Brown Trenchcoat Navy Check Wool Blazer Navy Check Wool Blazer White Dress Shirt White Dress Shirt Grey Dress Pants Grey Dress Pants Burgundy Leather Monks Burgundy Leather Monks Burgundy Wool Hat Burgundy Wool Hat Dark Purple Tie Dark Purple Tie Navy Socks Navy Socks

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To look modern and smart, make a brown trenchcoat and a white dress shirt your outfit choice. Burgundy leather monks are a nice pick to complement your ensemble.

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Try pairing a navy check wool blazer with a white dress shirt if you're aiming for a neat, dapper getup. For something more on the smart end to complement your ensemble, complement this outfit with burgundy leather monks.

Grey Dress Pants Pants Outfits For Men Dress Pants Outfits For Men

A white dress shirt looks so sophisticated when married with grey dress pants. Let your styling expertise truly shine by finishing off your look with a pair of burgundy leather monks.

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Marrying a white dress shirt and grey dress pants will allow you to parade your styling expertise. Up this ensemble by sporting burgundy leather monks.

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