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Men's Navy Wool Blazer, Red Cardigan, White Dress Shirt, Khaki Dress Pants

Men's Navy Wool Blazer, Red Cardigan, White Dress Shirt, Khaki Dress Pants

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to get dressed this way. Just a navy wool blazer and khaki dress pants.

Navy Wool Blazer Navy Wool Blazer Red Cardigan Red Cardigan White Dress Shirt White Dress Shirt Khaki Dress Pants Khaki Dress Pants Grey Herringbone Flat Cap Grey Herringbone Flat Cap White Print Tie White Print Tie Yellow Print Pocket Square Yellow Print Pocket Square Black Sunglasses Black Sunglasses Red Canvas Watch Red Canvas Watch Dark Brown Bracelet Dark Brown Bracelet

Red Cardigan How to Wear a Sweater For Men How to Wear a Cardigan For Men

As you can see here, looking dapper doesn't take that much effort. Just rock a red cardigan with a white dress shirt and be sure you'll look awesome.

White Dress Shirt How to Wear a Shirt For Men How to Wear a Dress Shirt For Men

To look like a modern gentleman, consider teaming a navy wool blazer with a white dress shirt.

Khaki Dress Pants How to Wear Pants For Men How to Wear Dress Pants For Men

A white dress shirt and khaki dress pants are a classy ensemble that every dapper man should have in his closet.

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White Print Tie How to Wear a Tie For Men

Yellow Print Pocket Square How to Wear a Pocket Square

Black Sunglasses How to Wear Sunglasses For Men

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