Burgundy Suit

How to Wear a Burgundy Suit

How to wear: burgundy suit, white crew-neck t-shirt, teal suede loafers
White Crew-neck T-shirt Burgundy Suit Teal Suede Loafers
Burgundy Suit White Crew-neck T-shirt Teal Suede Loafers

This semi-casual pairing of a burgundy suit and a white crew-neck t-shirt is super easy to pull together without a second thought, helping you look stylish and ready for anything without spending too much time combing through your closet. Finishing with a pair of teal suede loafers is a surefire way to add some extra fanciness to this look.

How to wear: burgundy suit, white dress shirt, burgundy leather oxford shoes
White Dress Shirt Burgundy Suit Burgundy Leather Oxford Shoes
Burgundy Suit White Dress Shirt Burgundy Leather Oxford Shoes

A burgundy suit and a white dress shirt are absolute essentials if you're putting together a classic wardrobe that holds to the highest sartorial standards. The whole outfit comes together when you introduce a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes to this outfit.