Puma Hooded Parka

Hooded Parka

Black Parka by Puma

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A black parka and pants are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Make footwear your footwear choice for the day.

Consider pairing a black parka with bottom for a comfy-casual look. Why not add leather footwear to the mix for a more relaxed feel?

Wear Puma Hooded Parka and chinos to bring out the stylish in you. Take a classic approach with the footwear and grab a pair of leather boots.

For a comfortable-as-your-couch outfit, try pairing a black parka with black pants. For footwear go down the casual route with black leather footwear.

Opt for comfort in a black parka and jeans. Elevate this ensemble with leather dress shoes.

For a comfortable-as-your-couch outfit, marry Puma Hooded Parka with dark blue jeans. Black leather dress shoes will add a touch of polish to an otherwise low-key look.

For a comfortable-as-your-couch outfit, consider wearing Puma Hooded Parka and black bottom. Add boots to your look for an instant style upgrade.

For a comfortable-as-your-couch outfit, team Puma Hooded Parka with dark blue trousers. Show your sartorial prowess with a pair of low top sneakers.

The versatility of a black parka and black chinos makes them investment-worthy pieces. This outfit is complemented perfectly with grey low top sneakers.

Keep your outfit laid-back in a black parka and deep blue bottom. Polish off the ensemble with brown leather boots.

Puma Hooded Parka and khaki chinos is a savvy combination worth integrating into your wardrobe. If you don't want to go all out formal, rock a pair of black footwear.

Try teaming a black parka with skinny jeans for a casual-cool vibe. Channel your inner Ryan Gosling and rock a pair of black dress shoes to class up your look.

A black parka and black running pants will convey a carefree easy vibe. Black leather boots will bring a classic aesthetic to the ensemble.

Pair a black parka with black jeans for a relaxed take on day-to-day wear. A good pair of grey sneakers are sure to leave the kind of impression you want to give.

If you're searching for a silhouette that you can rely on on a day off, look no further than this combination of Puma Hooded Parka and running pants. A pair of sneakers brings the dressed-down touch to the ensemble.