Girls' Looks & Outfits: What To Wear In 2019

How to wear: red cardigan, navy long sleeve shirt, navy floral skirt, grey desert boots
Navy Long Sleeve Shirt Red Cardigan Navy Floral Skirt Navy Tights Grey Desert Boots
Red Cardigan Navy Long Sleeve Shirt Navy Floral Skirt Grey Desert Boots Navy Tights

The versatility of a red cardigan and a deep blue floral skirt makes them great pieces to have in your darling's wardrobe'. Grey desert boots are a nice choice to complement this ensemble.

How to wear: black print long sleeve t-shirt, blue denim overalls, red leather boots, black beanie
Black Beanie Black Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Blue Denim Overalls Black Bracelet Red Leather Boots
Black Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Blue Denim Overalls Red Leather Boots Black Beanie Black Bracelet

A black graphic long sleeve t-shirt and blue denim overalls are a great outfit to wear for both inside activities and outside games. This ensemble is complemented wonderfully with red leather boots.