Navy Sweater

How to Wear a Navy Sweater

How to wear: grey coat, navy sweater, blue long sleeve shirt, blue jeans
Olive Beanie Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Navy Tie Navy Sweater Navy Scarf Blue Jeans Brown Boots Grey Coat
Grey Coat Navy Sweater Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Blue Jeans Brown Boots Olive Beanie

A navy sweater and blue jeans are a go-to outfit for lazy days when you and your little angel don't want to do anything special. This outfit is complemented really well with brown boots.

How to wear: navy puffer jacket, navy horizontal striped sweater, grey sweatpants, blue sneakers
Navy Horizontal Striped Sweater Navy Puffer Jacket Grey Sweatpants Red Socks Blue Sneakers
Navy Puffer Jacket Navy Horizontal Striped Sweater Grey Sweatpants Blue Sneakers Red Socks

Suggest that your child pair a navy sweater with grey sweatpants for a comfy outfit. As far as footwear is concerned, suggest that your child opt for a pair of blue sneakers.

How to wear: olive puffer jacket, navy and white horizontal striped sweater, navy cardigan, tan trousers
Navy and White Horizontal Striped Sweater Navy Cardigan Olive Puffer Jacket Tan Trousers Grey Sneakers
Olive Puffer Jacket Navy and White Horizontal Striped Sweater Navy Cardigan Tan Trousers Grey Sneakers

Suggest that your son wear a navy sweater and tan trousers for an easy to wear, everyday look. This style is complemented perfectly with grey sneakers.