Tucker + Tate Varsity Sweatpants

Varsity Sweatpants

Grey Sweatpants by Tucker + Tate

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How to wear Tucker + Tate Varsity Sweatpants

How to wear: navy puffer jacket, navy horizontal striped sweater, grey sweatpants, blue sneakers
Navy Horizontal Striped Sweater Navy Puffer Jacket Grey Sweatpants Red Socks Blue Sneakers
Navy Puffer Jacket Navy Horizontal Striped Sweater Grey Sweatpants Blue Sneakers Red Socks

Reach for a navy puffer jacket and Tucker + Tate Varsity Sweatpants for your kid for a fun day out at the playground. Blue sneakers are a great choice to finish off this look.

How to wear: black leather jacket, charcoal hoodie, grey sweatpants, black sneakers
Charcoal Hoodie Black Leather Jacket Grey Sweatpants Black Sneakers
Black Leather Jacket Charcoal Hoodie Grey Sweatpants Black Sneakers

Suggest that your child dress in a black leather jacket and Tucker + Tate Varsity Sweatpants for a laid-back yet fashion-forward outfit. As far as footwear is concerned, suggest that your little one go for a pair of black sneakers.

How to wear: grey check long sleeve shirt, white and black print t-shirt, grey sweatpants, red and white sneakers
Beige Beanie White and Black Print T-shirt Grey Check Long Sleeve Shirt Grey Sweatpants Red and White Sneakers
Grey Check Long Sleeve Shirt White and Black Print T-shirt Grey Sweatpants Red and White Sneakers Beige Beanie

Your little guy will look cute in a grey check long sleeve shirt and Tucker + Tate boys' Varsity Sweatpants. Red and white sneakers are a savvy choice to complete this style.

How to wear: mustard cardigan, white t-shirt, grey sweatpants, grey sneakers
Black Beanie Grey Scarf White T-shirt Mustard Cardigan Grey Sweatpants Grey Sneakers
Mustard Cardigan White T-shirt Grey Sweatpants Grey Sneakers Black Beanie Grey Scarf

Opt for your child's comfort with this combo of a mustard cardigan and Tucker + Tate Varsity Sweatpants. As for footwear your kid will love grey sneakers for this outfit.